Submitting Evidence

Participants will need to track their progress throughout the half-term period using trackers such as Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, phone app (like Strava or Nike Running) or any other similar recording device. You can even use websites such as to work out the mileage of your route or use online maps to calculate how far you’ve run if you’re unsure of the distance or don't have access to a tracker.


Once the 'Personal Best' has been achieved, all you need to do is complete the simple evidence submission page below. Once we have received the submission, we will send you a medal in the post if you have purchased this option. All challenges are based on honesty!

The challenge will end on the final Friday of the half-term. After this date, we will total up all miles covered and minutes of activity by pupils from the same school. After the half-term break we will upload a virtual school leaderboard to identify the most engaged schools.

Please tag us in photos on Twitter using #SheffieldGetMoving and tag @ForgeSSP @ArchesSSP @LinksSSP and @PointsLN into the post.