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Half-Term   Honesty Challenge

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About Us

Sheffield Schools Get Active is a constituted group consisting of the city's four School Games Organisers (SGO's) and School Sport Partnerships (SSP's)/Networks.

Collectively we aim to provide high quality opportunities, support and guidance relating to PE and School Sport for schools and wider community across the city of Sheffield.

About The Challenge

Following on from the success of the ‘Sheffield Get Moving Lockdown Challenge’, we will be continuing the 'Personal Best' challenge that pupils can complete alone or alongside their parents/guardians or even within schools. Pupils and parents can pledge to cover a certain distance over a half-term period by either walking, running or cycling. Each half-term period will focus on a different School Games Value where we will encourage participants to think about how they can incorporate the value into the challenge. Participants will be encouraged to set themselves a goal for each half-term with the view to increase the distances covered in the following period.

Pupils, parents and teachers can pledge to complete one of the following:

1. To cover a certain distance by either walking, running or cycling/scooting.



2. To take part in any type of physical activity for a certain amount of time

Participants should consider how the School Games values can be incorporated into the challenge.




















Participants will need to track their progress between now and the Easter holidays using trackers such as Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, phone app (like Strava or Nike Running) or any other similar recording device. You can even use websites such as to work out the mileage of your route or use online maps to calculate how far you’ve run if you’re unsure of the distance or don't have access to a tracker. If you choose to take part in the physical activity timed challenge, all you will need is a stopwatch.


Once the 'Personal Best' pledge has been achieved, all you need to do is complete the simple form on the 'Submit Evidence' page. All challenges are based on the School Games Value of honesty!

We will total up all miles covered and times submitted by pupils from the same school to calculate a virtual school leaderboard. We also encourage you to submit photos on Twitter using the hashtag #SheffieldGetMoving and tag @ForgeSSP @ArchesSSP @LinksSSP and @PointsLN into the post.


The challenge will be FREE to enter, however there is the option to pay £7 per person. This £7 payment will cover the cost of a medal which will be sent in the post to once evidence has been submitted.



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